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Marketing Leadership Means Not Only Asking The Right Questions…but Knowing What They Are!

are you asking the right questions?


Are you working “On” your business or just “In” your business? It often means the difference between thriving and surviving.


Whose problems are your product offerings and services solving? Knowing the profile of your current consumer is critical.


Are you communicating in the language your target market understands? It is essential to be perceived as their problem solver.


Where is your target market best reached to consume your message? Know this or risk being a billboard in the desert!

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Failing To Plan IS Planning To Fail!

stra·te·gic mar·ket·ing plan·ningcompass success 150x150 May Digital Marketing Services Promotion

– the process of managerial and operational activities required to create and sustain effective and efficient marketing strategies, including identifying and evaluating opportunities, analyzing markets and selecting target markets, developing a positioning strategy, preparing and executing the market plan, and controlling and evaluating results for a positive ROI.

Translation: Analysis ➞ Planning ➞ Execution = RESULTS

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